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Website Terms of Use

This Terms of Use document is an integral part of FreeASPHosting.net Privacy Policy.

While providing its exquisite range of services to end-user, FreeASPHosting.net, hereinafter referred to as ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’, collects, stores, share and disseminate different types of digital, semi-digital, private and geo-specific information about its customers, hereinafter referred to as ‘User.

Your use of any service being provided under the FreeASPHosting.net label, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Services’ is compliant to the terms and conditions set henceforth in this document. Your use of our Services indicates that you have read and accept all applicable Terms of Use. In case you do not agree to any of the clauses documented in this agreement, please do not use our services.


FreeASPHosting.net Services are provided to you "AS IS", without any specific expressed or implied warranties. You understand and agree that you may not hold FreeASPHosting.net liable in event you encounter any discrepancies, including data or information loss, during your use of our Services. Though we ensure upmost security and encryption while dealing with information which identifies you in person, you agree and accept that no information transfer across the web is completely secure; therefore, you may not hold FreeASPHosting.net liable for any such loss with regards to your use of our services.

FreeASPHosting.net explicitly disclaims all obligations to scrutinize its customers.

You understand and accept that you shall not hold FreeASPHosting.net accountable or liable in event its customers or webmasters post any derogatory, defamatory, abusive or unethical in any manner on the websites they operate through our servers or by means of our services. However, FreeASPHosting.net, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate any account or website that violates the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. Customers will be held legally liable for content they post on their account or for account activities.

You shall indemnify and hold FreeASPHosting.net, its officers, subsidiaries, agents, or partners, affiliates and employees, undisruptive from any demand or claim, including attorney’s fee, refund charges, or any other monetary loss arising out of your service, content you post on the website, your violation of third-party rights, or infringement of any provisions of this agreement.

User Conduct and Restrictions

FreeASPHosting.net is committed to provide you a seamless and pleasant user experience. In exchange we suggest you to abide by the following terms that explain your responsibilities and restrictions placed on your use of our Services.

You are not authorized to use or link FreeASPHosting.net with any website or service provider that:

  1. discriminate people on terms of race, disability, religion, belief or sexual orientation
  2. present adverts on their site
  3. are harassing, abusive or hateful by intent or otherwise
  4. have illegal activities or are derogatory to a group or individual or simply cause annoyance to any person
  5. are libelous or deceptive or defamatory about any product, organization or person
  6. are indecent, sexually explicit, offensive, obscene, threatening, pornographic, or criminal
  7. Breach any of the terms and privacy policies you’ve bound to abide by during your use of our Services
  8. unfairly misrepresents or criticizes others
  9. Infringe digital or content or other copyright items, trademarks, trade secrets or just about any property rights of any third-party service providers
  10. Use our Service to send bulk emails, or cause spamming of any degree
  11. are rationally measured to be of ‘inflammatory nature’ or may invite controversy or debate on religion, politics and religious matters
  12. constitutes commercial, advertising or unsolicited material, junk mail, chain letters or pyramid schemes of any severity
  13. contains any Trojan, worms, viruses, time bombs, cancel bots or simply any programming engines or routines that are deliberated to detrimentally interfere with, damage, modify, surreptitiously intercept, impede or confiscate any system, information or data of FreeASPHosting.net or any other third-party service provider or individual
  14. Is about to construct any liability (whether civil or criminal, for you or FreeASPHosting.net
  15. Constitute any sales offer of firearms, tobacco products, controlled substances, explosives, weapons, or stolen articles, pharmaceuticals, counterfeit, registered and/or unregistered securities, or any entity that may lead FreeASPHosting.net to violate applicable regulations and laws of its country of operations.

Severed Provisions and Intact Agreement

If any provision documented herein is unenforceable, it shall be considered severed from this Terms of Use agreement which is the entire legal agreement between you and FreeASPHosting.net. Such severability, you understand and accept shall not impinge on the enforceability or validity of the remaining clauses or provisions.

Regarding Children

FreeASPHosting.net does not allow its services to be accessed by anyone under the age of 13. No registrations or memberships are allowed in such event as the website and its services are not open for children below 13 years of age.

Your use of our Service or the website warrants and indicates that you have read and accept all terms of service documented herein. FreeASPHosting.net, in its sole discretion may terminate your membership and/or stop you from accessing any of the services we provide under the FreeASPHosting.net label at any time and without notice.

General Guidelines and Prohibited Use

  1. There is data, and then there is data loss. FreeASPHosting.net tries its best to ensure seamless, harmless operations but you understand that nothing is completely secure over the Internet. FreeASPHosting.net recommends you to back up your data periodically to shield yourself from data loss, in case maybe. Also, by using our services you understand and accept to indemnify and hold FreeASPHosting.net risk-free for any type of data loss you might encounter while using our Services. FreeASPHosting.net is not liable for its Services and harms that you might incur during your use of our Services.
  2. FreeASPHosting.net reserves in its sole discretion the right to assist apposite legal authorities in scrutinizing claims of illicit activity involving our Customers, Services and other Users.
  3. You may find some of our services being offered only in Beta mode, which means we are testing those exciting new features or services before officially rolling them out to you. You understand that Beta services may contain bugs, technical flaws and/or other interruptions, and that you shall not hold FreeASPHosting.net liable for such interruptions or for any damage incurred by you from them in any manner whatsoever.
  4. We, if required, deemed necessarily may monitor and edit your website and content.


FreeASPHosting.net may change, alter or modify this agreement at any time; therefore you’re requested to read this agreement periodically.

FreeASPHosting.net, in its sole discretion, holds the right to alter; modify or revise any of the provisions of this agreement at any time and without notice. In such event you understand and agree that you are bound to abide by the revised provisions. If in case you do not agree to any of the revised provisions of this agreement, please do not continue using our service. Your continued use of our service indicates that you have read and abide by the revised provisions of this agreement.

Also, FreeASPHosting.net reserves in its sole discretion the right to terminate any user account at any time and for any or no reason, without notice.


If you have any queries in context with this ‘Terms of Use’, our Services or Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.